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What is Delegate365

Delegate365 is a user-friendly, web-based portal for user, group and license management that allows to split a single Microsoft 365™ tenant into smaller, manageable organizational units. Each organizational unit can use Delegate365 to manage itself within the defined scopes. Delegate365 is based on three pillars and supports delegation, automation and auditing.

Delegate365 splits a single Office 365 tenant into smaller managable pieces

All operations are only executable for authorized objects. Delegate365 allows you to define permissions at a granular level and assign licenses based on user properties or group memberships. Reports provide the opportunity to evaluate and process your own data while statistics tools provide governance and usage.

Main Features

Microsoft 365™ meets Delegate365

All user data comes directly from Microsoft 365™. Delegate365 works within a layer above Microsoft 365™. All operations are directly made in Microsoft Azure™ Active Directory (Azure AD).
Microsoft 365™ end-user functionality is not affected by this management layer. No specific Microsoft 365™ role assignments are needed.

Delegate365 fills a gap

Microsoft 365™ cannot delegate user roles and responsibilities. Delegate365 fills that gap and offers administrators an easy-to-use interface where each Microsoft Azure AD object belongs to an organizational unit (OU). These units can be created by a portal administrator and can represent locations, departments or any other logical division. In addition, it can be clearly defined which user can be administered by which administrator. Each administrator can manage multiple OUs, but each user belongs to only one OU.

Users without an organizational unit

Existing users in Microsoft 365™ or users created without Delegate365 directly in the Microsoft 365™ online portal are not automatically visible for Delegate365-administrators. In order to address this, the portal administrator uses an "assign OU" module where they can see all users without an OU. There they can filter and assign some or all of these users to one OU. As you would expect, users newly assigned to an OU disappear from the original list. Administrators now can see the new users if they are in one of their assigned OUs.

Does Delegate365 work with ADFS or Azure AD Connect?

Yes, in the same way as with the Microsoft 365 admin center. Synced domains and users are visible and group and license memberships are manageable. Using Delegate365, an administrator can assign users to security groups and change the Office 365 licenses but cannot modify the user’s Active Directory object itself because it´s managed in a local federated Active Directory. Microsoft Azure AD handles federated objects differently, so these objects are not "fully managemable" objects; they can be read but not changed.

Does Delegate365 work with Azure AD too?

Absolutely! Since Office 365 uses Azure AD, Delegate365 can manage all data. However, Office 365-specific features like licenses, user aliases or distribution list management are hidden or not functional in that case.

What about license management?

With Delegate365, the portal administrators can define the types and quotas of licenses per OU. This can be defined informally or you can set a hard limit for the OU administrators, so that, for example, an OU is only capable of using 20 licenses. Additionally, a simple workflow for ordering licenses is integrated.

Data storage

Your data is stored where your Office 365 tenant (the Azure AD) is located: US, EMEA or APAC. Delegate365 runs completely in Microsoft Azure and will be located in a data center in your desired region.

30-days free trial

There are two ways of evaluating Delegate365. You can try the demo solution of Delegate365 in the Microsoft AppSource store, or open a 30-days trial here with your own Office 365 tenant. In case of questions, pls. contact us. We will provide a free trial scenario for you.

Why Delegate365?

In the Microsoft 365™ online portal , global administrators can create roles for privileged users to execute special tasks like user and group management. In fact, such users can administer all users or all licenses. That may be ok for small companies and associations, but in larger companies it becomes necessary to ensure that administrators or business office managers can administer only their own units.

That´s where Delegate365 comes in. Instead of needing to use standard roles, portal administrators can define any number of organizational units, who will administer a unit and what licenses a unit can use. The business administrators can manage their own users and create their own global distribution lists as well. Delegate365 simplifies all of these tasks by functioning as new standard portal with advanced management features.


Delegate365 is for...

Typical customers of Delegate365 are larger businesses, companies with multiple departments or locations, franchisers, educational facilities, clubs, associations and any group who uses Microsoft 365™ and wants to use delegated administrators for managing only their own units.

There are a number of scenarios where the delegation of user management and automation makes sense. IT-department workload can be reduced as central administration only needs to define the business managers and the organizational units. From that point on, the administrators can manage their own units in an easy-to-use web-portal: Delegate365.

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