This is Delegate365

Delegate365 provides an easy way to work with Microsoft Office 365 and manage users and licenses. Find How-To videos here and see all necessary steps from the setup to delegation and user management.

Overview Video: Why Delegate365

This overview video shows the existing role concept of Microsoft Office 365 and the extended functionality with Delegate365.

Video 1: The first initial setup of your Delegate365 portal

In video 1 we show how easy the first initial setup of your Delegate365 portal is. The setup consists of three simple steps.

Video 2: Synchronize your Office 365 tenant data into Delegate365

Video 2 illustrates how to synchronize your Office 365 tenant data into Delegate365. This usually is the second step after the intial setup.

Video 3: Manual Sync in Delegate365

Video 3 is optional. In here you see when it can make sense to perform a manual sync in Delegate365.

Video 4: Manage Organizational Units

Video 4 shows how to create and manage organizational units in Delegate365. OU's are the basis of the delegation feature.

Video 5: Assign Organizational Units

Video 5 shows that each administrator needs to be assigned the domains and organizational units he shall manage. This must be done for all administrators in Delegate365.

Video 6: Manage Administrators and Users

In video 6 you see how to create new users in Office 365 with and without license and how to add a user as scope administrator including the assignment of domains and OU's.

Video 7: Work as Scope Administrator

Scope administrators are users who shall manage one or many organization units, like a department or a branch office. In video 7 we show how Delegate365 works for scope administrators.

Video 8: Perform operations for multiple users

In video 8 we show how Delegate365 helps to perform operations for multiple users.

Video 9: License Management

In video 9 we show how Delegate365 supports administrators in the license management of Office 365.

Video 10: The Notification Center and Support Cases

In this video, we explain how the notification center works and what kind of messages you will find there. Also we show how to get in contact with the Delegate365 support team.

More How-To Videos will follow shortly.